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TKL44: Yoga Detour “Shifting the Paradigm”

April 11, 2019

Today we have an awesome innovator: Cecily, creator and founder of Yoga Detour. This podcast will change the way you think about movement and yoga. It will make you question certain statements and ideas you've deemed to be true. Cecily is an incredible teacher, coach and leader who changes the way people go about increasing mobility, diving into movement and yoga itself. If you do yoga, LISTEN TO THIS! If you lift in the gym, LISTEN TO THIS! If you are a human, LISTEN TO THIS! Cecily will teach you how to human better :).

You can follow Yoga Detour on Instagram: @YogaDetour

You can visit the Yoga Detour website:

You can find more information about her class in Pittsburgh May 3rd:


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